1. Shankhole beats for Jim in Austin (side A)

from by Multimedia Mixtapes (Volumes 1-11)



Jim is easily the person most involved in the dealings of OMO other than me. It all started when I stole one of his drum beats to use on the song "Crisp Love (Simple)," which was featured on the first OMO release, the split tape "This Voice Saying These Words" (OMO01), with Andrew Weathers. Really, that is Jim's song, and I took it in another direction. Jim's next appearance on OMO was in the band Move, which consists of just the two of us playing a wide array of instruments. The second OMO release was the Wikileaks Compilation, "Like Badgers and Birds" (OMO03) which featured a Move song, "Marimba Sakit", which was then also released on the Move album "Simple Machines" in September 2011 (OMO11). And I'm happy to say that Jim has just completed a solo record, which will be released on OMO in early 2012, entitled "Dearest Hooker Demon Swill" (OMO25). But besides all that involvement, Jim is the guy I talk to more than anyone else, about whatever ridiculous thing I happen to be thinking about. And thus he's usually the person I show what I'm working on, and get his opinion. Almost everything I've released on OMO has had Jim's input in one way or another. I'm proud to call him a bandmate, labelmate, and a friend.


from For Only You and Everyone (1st season), track released January 1, 2012
Side A:
1. Cousin (snippet) - Odd Nosdam, "Vol.8" (2006)
2. The Instantaneous Mobilization Of All The Resources In The BURROW And All The Forces Of My Body And Soul - Melk The G6-49, "Glossolalia" (2004)
3. Air Penance - Grampall Jookabox, "Rill Bruh" (2008)
4. Granular Bastard - Apparat, "Duplex" (2003)
5. Uncle Sam Goddamn - Brother Ali, "The Undisputed Truth" (2007)
6. Red Horse (Judges Ll) - Colin Stetson, "New History Warfare Vol. 2: Judges" (2011)
7. An Impossible Darkness - Sir Deja Doog, "An Impossible Darkness" (2011)
8. Blood - Freestyle Fellowship, "Innercity Griots" (1993)
9. Drum Punishment - Melt-face, "Live in Bloomington" (2011)
10. Distorted Prose - Dälek, "Absence" (2005)
11. Stags, Aircraft, Kings and Secretaries - Tim Hecker, "Harmony In Ultraviolet" (2006)
12. The Harder They Fall - Ralph White, "The Hanged Man" (2011)




Obsolete Media Objects Earth, Texas

OMO is a label focusing on stunning physical media.
Although Mp3s are available here, every release is a tangible object which we hope will enhance the experience of the music. These albums are meant to live on tape, or vinyl, or book, or pez dispenser, or something we hope will be as aesthetically stimulating as the music it conveys.

Coming soon:
OMO053 - hollowbodies
OMO055 - Big Bill Broonzy
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