12. Several States At Once for John in Rochester, NY (side A)

from by Multimedia Mixtapes (Volumes 11 - )



Sometimes there's a man... I won't say a hero, cause what's a hero?
Fuck it, John Horner IS a hero. He's one of the only people on Jebus' green earth with whom I can imagine traveling around the US for 3 months at a time, and we never argue, or get sick of each other. I've known this kid for years, always as part of the thriving weirdo music scene in Rochester, New York. Just over a year ago, John and started playing music together, first with a drummer friend of ours, Ariel Cruz, and then just as a duo. We started the band Desert Center (which, until recently was called Cairo), and we've toured a good deal already, considering how new the band is. But John is a fella that I can't wait to know for 30 years. Shit runs deep.
A lot of this mix was inspired by our second tour together that spanned all over the western United States, none of which John had seen before. It was such a delight to see places I'd seen a hundred times with John's fresh eyes of wonder and fascination. Here's to a hundred more tours!


from For Only You and Everyone (2nd season), track released January 21, 2014
Side A:
1. Dark Country - SubRosa, "No Help For The Mighty Ones" (2011)
2. beauty change - Nelly Kate, "Ish Ish" (2012)
3. Easy - Son Lux, "Lanterns" (2013)
4. Not Having Found - Dirty Projectors, "The Getty Address" (2005)
5. Night Of The Hunter - LIMB, "...BUT RAGE AT WHAT" (2013)
6. Rebel Summer - Eleanor Murray, "Bury Me Into The Mtn" (2013)
7. Black Sabbath - Grails, "Everything Comes And Goes - A Tribute To Black Sabbath" (2005)
8. clarl - hollowbodies, "grit and wash" (2013)




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