9. Vacant Homes for Andrew in Oakland (side A)

from by Multimedia Mixtapes (Volumes 1-11)



Andrew and I shared the very first OMO release, "This Voice Saying These Words", in a few different ways. It was a split tape, with me on side A and him on side B. And we also shared it in that Andrew runs a label called Full Spectrum, which co-released the album with OMO. More fundamentally though, we shared it because of what a peculiar album it was to make. Inspired by the Lars Von Trier film, "Five Obstructions", we each came up with five challenging rules that were to govern the other person's side of the tape. Few people could have made things as hard for me as Andrew did. Among his obstructions for me were the instructions that I was to avoid ostinato (i.e. a short melody or pattern that is continuously repeated). I'd never realized that every song I had ever written contained ostinato. Every single one. Writing five songs without it was a challenge I'd never considered, which was exactly the point of the experiment. It is a testament to how much I love and appreciate Andrew that I did not murder him or forgo our friendship in the course of this project, but actually appreciated (more than I can really say) how thoughtful he was in choosing obstructions to kick my ass. And though I did the same for him, and though this project was designed to be a two way street, there is nonetheless a feeling of gratitude bordering on unpayable debt that emerged from this experience. And my respect for him was all the more augmented by his willingness to undergo the same sort of torture that he put me through.
Here's to many more years of pushing each other and exposing each other to new sides of ourselves.


from For Only You and Everyone (1st season), track released September 30, 2012
Side A:
1. The Kubler-Ross Model - Matt Elliott, "Howling Songs" (2008)
2. Sun Refrain - Tape, "Rideau" (2005)
3. Vasilia - Matthew Collings, "Splintered instruments" (2013)
4. Owning Clocks - The Riderless, "Dividing Locks Into Keys (2012)
5. Wafflehouse - Aaron Roche, "!BlurMyEyes (2011)
6. Untitled - Molly McDermott, unreleased
7. Girl, Swimming - D.A.A.U., "The Shepherd's Dream" (2010)




Obsolete Media Objects Earth, Texas

OMO is a label focusing on stunning physical media.
Although Mp3s are available here, every release is a tangible object which we hope will enhance the experience of the music. These albums are meant to live on tape, or vinyl, or book, or pez dispenser, or something we hope will be as aesthetically stimulating as the music it conveys.

Coming soon:
OMO053 - hollowbodies
OMO055 - Big Bill Broonzy
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