Alternate Roots - live at 641 rpm

by C.J. Boyd

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At the "Aerial Roots" release party in Boone, NC, I attempted to play the album from start to finish. Of course, what I played was quite a bit different from the recorded version. My friend Michael was there to record it, and it turned out so well, Joyful Noise decided to release it digitally. I hope that it gives some insight to how much of these songs is fluid, and really can go many different ways, depending on the night. Thanks to Travis and Kevin at 641 RPM in Boone for hosting the show. Thanks to Karl at Joyful Noise for releasing Aerial Roots and Alternate Roots.


released February 1, 2011

Well, re-released really.
Joyful Noise Recordings released the album first on 04 April 2010 as a digital download only.
Then Obsolete Media Objects re-released it in the form of a variety of Pez Dispensers, each with a download code (and candy) inside.
To get the pez dispenser, come to a show:
Or order it online here:
If you order the Pez Dispenser online, send an email to cj (at) cjboyd (dot) com to see what selection is left.

Michael O'Shea (aka Kinjac) - recorded the evening.
Travis Reyes - hosted the evening.
C.J. Boyd - played bass guitar, harmonica, and sang.




Obsolete Media Objects Earth, Texas

OMO is a label focusing on stunning physical media.
Although Mp3s are available here, every release is a tangible object which we hope will enhance the experience of the music. These albums are meant to live on tape, or vinyl, or book, or pez dispenser, or something we hope will be as aesthetically stimulating as the music it conveys.

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OMO053 - hollowbodies
OMO055 - Big Bill Broonzy
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