For Only You and Everyone (2nd season)

by Multimedia Mixtapes (Volumes 11 - )



Here you'll find a series of multimedia mixtapes that I've created for members of the Obsolete Media Objects family, as well as for the general OMO audience. I started this practice back in 2012, after a year of operating this little label, and continuously enjoying the beauty, camaraderie, and selfless assistance of so many lovely folks. I wanted to make these tapes as a way to say thank you, both to the individuals involved directly with the label, as well as those who continue to support us by buying our musical objects. I took a break in 2013, but decided to bring this thing back in 2014, though the pace has been slower. Rather than every single month, I release one when I can, working around the schedule of being on permanent tour, and releasing other OMO albums as often as possible.

I call these "multimedia mixtapes" because of the three unique media that they embody. Each of these mixes was made with mp3s on my computer, then exported and burned onto a CD, and then dubbed onto a tape. I give the tape to the person for whom the mix was compiled. That is the primary media object, and there is only one made, especially for that lovely person. The CDs that were used to make the tape will be available at concerts of mine (again, just one copy of each), and the WAV files that are here may be streamed and downloaded for free. Like all OMO releases, there is an emphasis on the physical object that embodies the music, as well as the process of creating that object. But in exploring a balance between making something for a very specific and very general audience, there emerged different objects with different purposes and recipients. One tape for the special focus of each mix, one set of CDs for some rando at a show, and an internet download with infinite and unfettered availability, if less proper objecthood, for the general OMO audience.

Unlike most online mixes, and more like a true mixtape, individual songs are not available for separate consumption. It's not a playlist; it's a mix tape. Therefore, you can only download each side of the mix as a whole, not as individual tracks. Each online mix consists of two music files (corresponding to side A and B of the original tape, each 40-45 minutes long). During the first season of these releases, there was one every single month. Things are more sporadic now, but keep your eyes peeled, and I'll release one as often as possible.


released June 24, 2014

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.




Obsolete Media Objects Oakland, California

OMO is a label focusing on stunning physical media.
Although Mp3s are available here, every release is a tangible object which we hope will enhance the experience of the music. These albums are meant to live on tape, or vinyl, or book, or pez dispenser, or something we hope will be as aesthetically stimulating as the music it conveys.

Coming soon:
OMO053 - hollowbodies
OMO055 - Big Bill Broonzy
... more


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